The MTAP-DepEd Saturday Mathematics Program acknowledged its participants during the last quarter of year 2019.  For Regular Learners which ran from September 7- October 2019, Kiesha Zheanna Bacay and Ishwa Rya Gamoso were hailed as the Most Promising; while Nathaniel Ashley Hsu, Jomer Wilson Lee and Prinx Savier Cortez were awarded Best in Mental Computation.

Moreover, during the MTAP-DepEd Saturday Mathematics Program for Talented Learners, which ran from November 9 – December 2019, SSISM students bagged the following recognitions:

  • MOST ACTIVE – Rod Jacob Manalo and Jefferson Mendoza
  • MOST PROMISING – Prinx Savier Cortez, Alyana Michaela Marquez and Keisha Sophia Mission
  • BEST IN MENTAL CALCULATION – Jom Riley Kaw, Julien Santi Avenir, Aidan Gilles Rosita, Irish Balahadia and Michael Gerard Tongson
  • SPECIAL AWARD – Jomer Wilson Lee

Congratulations, KINGS, for continuously showing your passion and grit. Quant je puis!

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