It is with great delight that I welcome you all – students, parents, teachers, staff and other stakeholders – to Academic Year 2019-2020!  Once again, the school gates will witness the arrival of happy faces, the halls will buzz with noise, and classrooms will be bursting with excitement.

As we usher you in to this brand new academic year, allow us to wallow in… us!  I am super proud to present to you our amazing achievements for the past years.  Join me as I bask in the light of school pride — here is our Year-End Performance for Academic Year 2018-2019:

1. STANDARDS-BASED ASSESSMENT (SBA), an external assessment conducted by the Asian Psychological Services and Assessment

Highest test results among all SGEN schools in all core subjects – English, Math and Science.
The only school in SGEN that has reached its target in SBA English, wherein 80% (or above) of students are in the Proficient and Highly Proficient categories. Last school year, 84% of our students from Senior Kinder to High School are in the Proficient and Highly Proficient levels.
Five consecutive years reaching the target in SBA English.
The only school in SGEN and in SGEN history that has reached its SBA target in Science, with 80% of our students in the Proficient and Highly Proficient levels.
14 Perfect Scorers in the SBA Tests – 6 for English, 2 for Math and 6 for Science.

2. TOEFL JR. & TOEFL ITP, an external assessment conducted by Hopkins that measures English skills students must use in an English speaking academic environment

Highest test results among all SGEN schools in TOEFL Jr.
Highest test results among all SGEN schools in TOEFL ITP.
2 Perfect Scorers for TOEFL Jr. and TOEFL Itp.

3. READERSHIP. Our readership has shot up to an all-time high with our kids reading more than 41 thousand books in a year, making us a scholastic awardee for the third year. Lexile levels have also improved through the years.

4. SCHOOL RECOGNITION. Awards, citations and student winnings have reached more than 300 for school year 2018-2019 alone, counting only the First to Third Places and its equivalent. This includes several national and international awards.

5. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION had never been better with increasing satisfaction rating for the past 4 years as rated by students, parents and teachers. This is manifested through our growing enrollment and stronger retention which is consistently increasing for the past 6 years.

Congratulations to all students, parents, faculty and staff for a job well done! All of you have contributed to this success. Be proud because this is ours. May these achievements fuel us this academic year, and in the years to come.

Grit Guru, Angela Ducksworth, in her research, explicitly said, that it takes at least 10 years to reach optimal success in one’s field or expertise. Following this, we realize that although we celebrate our achievements, we are only about half-way before we can truly say “We have arrived.” We still need lots and lots of practice.

This school year, that is the challenge. To continue doing excellently and to never let up. The theme of the year summarizes it – LIVE THE 5Cs through Academic Rigor, Growth Mindset and Grit. Let us take SSISM to more years of success because after all, we are the KINGS! Thank you to everyone for your participation, support, prayers and love. Cheers to Academic Year 2019-2020! Quant je puis!