An important facet of entrepreneurship education is about imparting problem-solving skills. More than learning the theories, these skills allow students to cope better with challenges in real life. To help students in creating and achieving their goals, they should be given the opportunity to immerse themselves in a culture of entrepreneurship spirit. Our teachers and staff are also encouraged to have an entrepreneurial mindset in order for learning to effectively take place.
SSISM congratulates Ms. Ana Rizchel De Ocampo and Ms. Arlene Serdinia for having completed a short course on Entrepreneurship Fundamentals from Southville International School Affiliated with Foreign Universities (SISFU). As we motivate students to explore education beyond the classroom walls and hone skills that would trigger a myriad of ideas, our teachers and staff enhance their abilities as well.
As we teach business and entrepreneurship in school, we help students turn ideas into actionable plans and strive to finish and deliver until they reach their goals, and Ms. Rizchel and Ms. Arlene are MaKING it Happen!

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