Different marketing specialties and techniques are employed by brands of various shapes and sizes. The objective is what unites them. The majority of them desire to enhance brand recognition, get fulfilling outcomes, develop connections with consumers, and uphold a good reputation. In order to target, reach out to, and communicate with contemporary customers, they frequently utilize the internet in general as well as social media in particular for these marketing reasons.
SSISM congratulates Sir Dave Delizo & Sir Christopher for having completed a short course on Social Media Marketing from Southville International School Affiliated with Foreign Universities (SISFU). As we motivate students to explore education beyond the classroom walls and hone skills that would trigger a myriad of ideas, our teachers and staff enhance their abilities as well.
When we teach social media marketing in the classroom, we work with students to transform their bright ideas into unique marketing strategies, and we push them to be creative and have an innovative minds. Sir Dave & Sir Christopher is MAKING it Happen!

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