Gone are days when we tend to abuse ourselves because our concept of execution and delivery mainly revolves around the goal of finishing tasks. Many have not realized that if we put some balance in our lives, we become more successful. Work-life balance gives us a sense of fulfillment and better health; it increases our productivity and strengthens our relationships. However, with tons and demands of work given to us, we tend to doubt if work-life balance is ever achievable. In a blog posted by Hubgets in 2019, the answer to this popular question depends on what you prioritize. If you want to create better work-life balance in your life, in most cases, the power is in your hands to make that happen.
Work-life balance is very crucial for every employee and an imbalance may bring out challenges not only to the employee but also to the institution. In SSISM, we give our workforce utmost importance and care. We make sure that they strike a balance between work and personal life. We help them choose well-being over anything else. We believe that when they feel confident and secure about themselves, everything else follows. For this reason, we congratulate Ms. Samantha Latorre and Ms. Diane Meneses for finishing a short course on Work-Life Balance: Reality or Myth. As we take pride in how excellent and hard working our employees are, we also encourage them to be more loving of themselves by ensuring there is balance. Ms Sam and Ms. Diane are MaKING it Happen!

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