THIRTEEN students from SSIS Malarayat qualified to be members of the Philippine Team to any of the following Math Competitions – World Mathematics Invitational Tournament (WMI), Singapore Math Global Team Competition, Malaysia International Math Olympiad (MIMO) and Asian Science and Math Olympiad for Primary and Secondary Schools (ASMOPPS).

The World Mathematics Invitational Tournament (WMI) will be held in Japan on July 15-19, 2019 while the Singapore Math Global Team Competition will be in Vietnam on November 22-26, 2019. Two other competitions will be conducted sometime in November 2019 – the Malaysia International Math Olympiad (MIMO) to be held in Malaysia and the Asian Science and Math Olympiad for Primary and Secondary Schools (ASMOPPS) to be held in Indonesia.

These students, namely Aaliyah Kirsten Mei Abanilla (Grade 2), Irish-yohann Balahadia (Grade 2), Keisha Sophia Mission (Grade 2), Alyana Michaela Marquez (Grade 3), Aidan Gilles G. Rosita (Grade 3), Kiesha Zheanna Bacay (Grade 4), Grenier Sander Dalangin (Grade 4), Jomer Wilson F. Lee (Grade 4), Jan Feliza Aseron Siscar (Grade 4), Prinxyl Shifrah E. Cortez (Grade 5), Jom Riley Kaw (Grade 5), Michael Gerard Tongson (Grade 5), and Gadriel Symone Reyes-Dalangin (Grade 6), earned their slot to the above-mentioned competitions in different countries due to their outstanding performance in the 10-Saturday AMSLI’s Mathematics Enrichment Program (AMEP) held from September to December 2018.

Congratulations to these amazing Kings, as well as to their parents and teacher-mentors. Quant je puis! Always wear your invisible crown!

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