The school’s Virtual Online Learning and Teaching (VOLT) has stood the test of excellence as we saw how our students responded positively to this “new normal” education set-up. We are grateful that parents also see and appreciate the school’s innovations.

Every Tuesday, we are featuring a parent or a student to share what they like about VOLT.

“In this time of the pandemic, our primary challenge as parents was how to deal with this gigantic educational crisis. Now in our second year of online distance learning, we know we had to find a better option for our children. Our biggest consideration is the high standard of education that my children could still have access to despite staying at home, and with our transfer to SSISM, I know we have found our answer. With the SSISM VOLT, along with the high-tech tools and systems, we have become more confident in guiding our children in finding and wearing their invisible crowns. But behind this technology integration are the true champions of this new educational set-up they are the teachers who make learning even more possible with their versatile and adaptive knowledge and skills, tagged with a positive character that transcends beyond the screen. SSISM has truly given us the hope that online distance learning is just the beginning of innovative wonders that are yet to come.”

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