MaKING it Happen!

A Short Course in Poetry from the California Institute of Arts: Ms. Pauline of SHS, MaKING it Happen!

A literary work that anyone could relate to is poetry. In poetry, through imagination and creativity students are able to understand and appreciate the world they live in. Even as early as childhood, learning poetry is very beneficial in building children’s language skills, can stir and develop self-awareness, and makes them express their emotions and opinions. It is, therefore, very important that teachers are equipped to teach poetry.

Stonyhurst Southville International School congratulates Ms. Pauline Navarro for having completed a course in writing poetry called “Sharpened Visions: Poetry Workshop under Coursera. The course covered key poetic terms and devices by studying poems by a handful of modern and contemporary poets.

As a form of expression to understand different perspectives, teaching and learning from poetry can help students understand and respect the outlook and feelings of people; and Ms. Pauline is MaKING It Happen!

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