Ear training is the compass that guides students through the intricate maze of sound. It sharpens their auditory perception, helping them discern pitches, intervals, and nuances within the music. It’s like turning a blurry image into a crystal-clear picture.

In the symphony of music education, the importance of teaching students ear training is like tuning an instrument before a performance – it’s essential for harmony and precision. But it’s not just about honing their musical acumen; it’s about nurturing creativity.

Ear training allows students to improvise and compose with confidence, knowing how to harmonize, modulate, and convey emotions through their music.

Stonyhurst Southville congratulates Tch. Colleen Reyes for finishing a MOOC on Basics of Ear Training. Teaching students ear training isn’t just about musical proficiency; it’s about enriching their lives with the beauty and depth of music, and Tch Colleen is MaKING It Happen!

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