Congratulations to the select faculty and staff of Stonyhurst Southville International School – Malarayat for their outstanding achievement in completing the comprehensive First Aid Training!

First Aid Training is a commitment to ensuring the safety and well-being of our community. Through this training, Ms. Ivana, Tr. Anrica, Coach Roy, Sir Jerome, Coach Jan, Tr. Alona, and Ms. Jo Ann have gained vital skills in CPR, wound care, emergency response, and so much more. Their dedication to mastering these essential skills reflects an unwavering commitment to being proactive caregivers and guardians of safety.

In times of crisis or need, their knowledge and readiness will undoubtedly make a significant difference. Their efforts serve as a testament to the school’s ethos of prioritizing safety and preparedness in all situations.

Truly you are MaKing it Happen! 👑👑👑

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