Knowing the periodic table and periodic trends is crucial for students and scientists alike. The periodic table is a fundamental tool that organizes all known elements based on their atomic structure and properties. It provides a systematic way to understand and predict the behavior of elements, their chemical reactions, and their roles in various processes.

By familiarizing ourselves with the periodic table, we gain insights into the elements’ characteristics, such as their atomic mass, valence electrons, and electronegativity, which are essential for studying chemistry, materials science, and even fields like biology and environmental science.

Stonyhurst Southville Congratulates Ms. Penny Mercado for completing a course on Periodic Table and Periodic Trends from Alison (an online academy).

Understanding the periodic table and periodic trends is indispensable for advancing scientific knowledge and applying it to solve real-world challenges. and Ms. Penny is MaKING it Happen! 👑👑👑

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