In a night filled with literary brilliance at Shangri-La The Fort, Manila, Taguig City, the spotlight shone brightly on the remarkable achievements of not only Ms. Donnabelle Atienza, Ms. Penelope Valdez, and Ms. Trishia Marie Hernandez but also on Stonyhurst Southville International School, the institution where they contribute their talents.

The school itself emerged triumphant, securing the 3rd Place in the Emerald Category and claiming the coveted 1st Place in the Synergy Award at the 2023 Scholastic Readers Cup. This dual victory not only highlights the individual brilliance of the educators but also underscores Stonyhurst Southville International School’s commitment to fostering a culture of literary excellence.

The Scholastic Achievement Award bestowed upon Ms. Donnabelle Atienza, Ms. Penelope Valdez, and Ms. Trishia Maria Hernandez is a shared celebration, acknowledging not just the achievements of these outstanding individuals but also the collective success of Stonyhurst Southville International School in the realm of reading comprehension.

Congratulations to the school, its dedicated educators, and the bright future they continue to shape through the power of words! 👑👑👑

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