The Marshall Cavendish Education Hub is a place where educators use technology to create engaging online lessons. They start by setting clear learning goals and adapting content for the internet. Then, they design lessons using colorful visuals, interactive activities, and videos to make learning interesting.
They use features like discussions and quizzes to involve students and assess their progress. Through this process, educators aim to make learning enjoyable and effective, just like telling an exciting story that students will remember.
The Hub is where education meets technology to provide engaging online learning experiences. Stonyhurst Southville extends its congratulations to Ms. Ana Rizchel De Ocampo for finishing a MOOC on Designing Effective Online Lessons through Marshall Cavendish Education Hub.
Educators become digital storytellers, weaving together technology and pedagogy to create immersive learning experiences. It’s about empowering students to become active participants in their own education, where each click and interaction is a plot twist in the story of their learning journey, and Ms. Rizchel is MaKING It Happen! 👑👑👑

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