MaKING it Happen!

Reading, as a basic and vital area of learning for students, has always been the school’s strength and center of excellence. With a strong partnership with Scholastic Philippines, the school ensures a comprehensive reading program targeting improvement of students’ Lexile (reading comprehension) level and development of their skills and love for reading.

In the recently celebrated 2021 Scholastic Readers Cup awarding ceremony, Stonyhurst Southville bagged top awards through the leadership of its primary implementors, Ms. Donnabelle Atienza (School Principal), Ms. Penelope Valdez (School English Head), and Ms. Tath Hernandez (School Librarian). The school won the following: First Place in Synergy Award, Second Place in the Ruby Category, and the Scholastic Achievement Award. 

As written in the official writeup of Scholastic Philippines, they have started the Readers Cup contests nine years ago as a motivational program for schools and students to endeavor to build a community of readers. The primary objective of the Readers Cup is for schools to promote reading as an enriching and pleasurable activity; and Ms. Donna, Ms. Pen, and Ms Tath are MaKING it Happen!

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