MaKING it Happen!

Safety is a top priority in school. We aim to maintain a campus free from recognized hazards that can cause physical and even mental harm to anyone in the community. Not only that we comply with statutory requirements, but the school ensures that we actively manage risks, investigate accidents, provide immediate solutions and educate people to avoid untoward incidents, legal liabilities, and save lives in the end.
Stonyhurst Southville congratulates its new set of safety officers: Ms. Leah Ilagan (SO2), Ms. Viola Villena (SO1), Ms. Diana Meneses (SO1), Mr. Nico Mercado (So1), and Mr. Gabriel Tiangco (SO1). They have been certified by the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) Occupational Health and Safety Center to Basic Occupational, Safety and Health Training. They are also the same people in the school’s Occupational Health and Safety (OSH) Committee; and are actively taking care of everyone’s health, safety, and security.
Having a safe environment provides confidence and security to students, employees, and parents, which help them achieve in everything they do; and the school’s safety officers are MaKING it Happen!

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