Science and art have always been seen as two distinct fields, yet when they are explored together, it becomes obvious how much each influences the other. Scientific discoveries need a considerable lot of creativity, and art is frequently a manifestation of or a result of scientific understanding.

Both art and science are fields of study. To excel at both, years of study are necessary. Both demand certain methods and instruments for communicating a concept. Both promote exploration and stimulate it, and each has the potential to improve or worsen our lives.

SSISM congratulates Teacher Patricia for having completed a short course on The Arts & Science of Drawing/Basic Skills from Udemy. As we motivate students to explore education beyond the classroom walls and hone skills that would trigger a myriad of ideas, our teachers and staff enhance their abilities as well.

Along with enhancing fine motor skills, teaching students the art and science of drawing in school help them make connections between what they see and what they do. This hand-eye coordination is crucial for sports and leisure activities as well as academic contexts like handwriting classes.

Teacher Patricia is MaKING it Happen! 👑

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