Make your summer meaningful and productive through the KINGS’ SUMMER ACADEMY! Starting July 7, we are offering the following courses:

1. SUMMER BOOSTER, for incoming Grades 1-10 students, is a skills-enhancement program for Math, Science and English. This class is a great venue to prepare your child for the next grade level. 
2. BRIGHT START, offered for preschool pupils ages 2-5 years old, is a one-week FREE classes with worthwhile and fun-filled activities.
3. SUMMER READING, for incoming Grade 1 students, is a program particularly designed to enhance the reading skills and comprehension crucial as your child enters Grade 1. 
4. INTRO TO MATH, offered to incoming Grade 7 students, is a class designed for freshmen to acquire the basic foundation of High School Math. Award-winning mathlete, Gwyn Tangog, will break down the concepts and skills of Math to equip the students and prepare them for High School.

Register now through the following links, and grab this fantastic opportunity for your child!

Click this link for Summer Booster, Summer Reading and Intro to Math –
Click this link for the Bright Start Program –

Information and other details will be sent to the email you indicated after you register. Please do not hesitate to message or contact us for inquiries.

Let’s go and make this summer vacation a productive and fulfilling one!

Quant je puis!

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