On our 15th year, and at the time of the pandemic, we would like to bring together our school community, live our motto, “Quant je puis,” and chant our mantra louder – “Always wear your invisible crown” through the launching of the KINGS OLYMPICS.
The KINGS OLYMPICS is a year-long school event following the House System and Rewards, which is a tradition that originated from England. Similar to our Intramurals, the Kings Olympics connects all grade levels within the school (Grade 1-12), giving students an opportunity to further develop skills and experiences in order to become confident individuals and outstanding members of the school.
The Kings Olympics provides enjoyable and competitive events that encourage students to do as much as they can and to wear their invisible crowns. As students take this challenge to participate in academics, sports, cultural and other co-curricular activities, they may gain merit points, both individually and collectively for their House. This in turn, will promote healthy competition and allow a sense of mentoring and leadership to build up between the older and the younger students. Through positive interaction across levels, student relationships improve. Children of all ages feel a sense of family and belongingness. Positive peer relations get students involved in activities in order to support their house and students gain a sense of pride in being able to contribute. The further purpose of each house is to guide and support the academic, social, emotional, and personal development of each student.
See you all on November 8, 2021 for the grand launch!

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