🌸✨ A week dedicated to holistic growth and meaningful connections awaits us (April 29-May 3, 2024)! We begin with a rejuvenating Students’ Well-Being Day, filled with colorful activities curated by various departments. As the week unfolds, we look forward to strengthening the school-home partnership through the Parent-Teacher Conference and Student-Led Conference. For our Senior High School students, get ready for an adventure-packed Field Trip, enriching the SHS Beyond the Classroom Program.

Given the rising heat index, we advise students to bring their water bottles and stay hydrated. Our classrooms are well-ventilated, ensuring their comfort and safety. Let’s make this week a tapestry of learning, well-being, and collaboration! 🌟📚 #WellBeingWeek #HomeSchoolPartnership #PartnersInEducation

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